Brisbane and Ipswich Learn to Swim lessons

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To Learn to Swim is a Gift for Life!

Our aim is to teach children in a happy, and enjoyable environment, whilst encouraging them to develop their respective skills at their own pace.

Make sure your little ones are safe in and around the pool. Enrol now in one of Queensland’s largest Learn To Swim programme’s! JUST has been operating in the Learn To Swim business for over 30 years.

Discover the difference with Learn To Swim by Just—it’s not just a swim school; it’s a lifestyle!

Learn To Swim by Just offers:

  • Classes across 7 of our facilities
  • Curriculum designed for all ages, from babies to adults and everyone in between
  • AustSwim qualified, friendly and patient instructors
  • Small class ratios, which enable every child to receive personalised & individualised lessons
  • Heated pools all year round
  • Learn To Swim participants have free access to our pools and splash parks outside of lesson times.

Our Swim Levels

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We start these classes from just 4 months of age! They are great for water familiarisation and helping babies get used to being in the water. This can help immensely when it comes to bath time! This level is great for social interaction with others, as well as providing lots of stimulus in a new and comfortable environment – our year round warm water really helps!


This is the second level of our parent and child classes and is great for motor skills development. Here we work on water confidence and some more advanced movements in the water. This can be a good opportunity to educate parents on water safety and helping to understand what your child loves about our swimming lessons.


This is our transitional level where we start to get the young swimmers ready for being in the water without a parent. Here we emphasise learning independently and begin to navigate being in the water without constantly being held. It’s a great start to physical activity for young children!


This is where we reduce our class sizes to a low student to teacher ratio. It’s the first level without a parent and swimmers continue to participate independently. The basic skill development for this level includes floating on back and water safety skills with an emphasis on learning to kick.


Here we start to develop strokes, beginning with freestyle and backstroke. We introduce drills that help strengthen swimming abilities, begin teaching breathing in freestyle and start to learn body positioning for streamline.


This is where we begin laps of unassisted swimming! Quality over quantity though so we’ll be looking to see all the skills learnt in previous levels put together and learn to swim fluently with bilateral breathing. This is where we build endurance and develop stamina.


Mantarays have an understanding of freestyle and backstroke and are ready to build up their stamina with continuous swimming. They will learn how to kick correctly wearing flippers. Mantarays will also have an understanding to breaststroke kick and will have an introduction of butterfly kick.


In this level, we introduce breaststroke and butterfly skills and the swimmers begin learning lane etiquette. We build stamina and fitness by increasing the distance now that the swimmers have their basic strokes! Even in our higher levels, we will still focus on continual stroke correction to ensure the swimmers are always practising appropriate technique.


Here we move into starting to learn competitive skills such as race starts, turns and finishes. We prepare the swimmers for a Squad environment as this is the final level of our Swim School Programme! Continual stroke correction is still a focus, whilst we build up the swimmer’s fitness level and increase their speed!

Our Learn To Swim Venues

Bellbowrie Pool & Gym

Address: 47 Birkin Road, Bellbowrie QLD 4070
Phone: 07 3432 9172

Goodna Aquatic Centre

Address: 137 Brisbane Terrace, Goodna QLD 4300
Phone: 07 3381 8240

Bundamba Swim & Gym Centre

Address: 256 Brisbane Road, Bundamba QLD 4304
Phone: 07 3282 2801

Leichhardt Community Pool

Address: 21 Toongarra Road, Leichhardt QLD 4305
Phone: 07 3281 8743

Rosewood Aquatic Centre

Address: Mill Street, Rosewood QLD 4340
Phone: 07 2113 2576

Kilcoy Aquatic Centre

Address: Hope Street & Mary Street, Kilcoy QLD 4515
Phone: (07) 5422 0231

Lowood Swimming Pool

Address: Main Street, Lowood QLD 4311
Phone:  0402 945 020